1. If this is resonating for you, I'm delighted to invite you to a very special Yoga retreat... online!

    Spend a nourishing afternoon with me and a group of inspired yoga students as we take a journey into applying authenticity, wisdom and a balance approach using yogic techniques :


  3. Meditation and mantra's to promote self-care thinking and outlook.

  4. Pranayama art and study to deepen the inflow and outfolow of breath, controlling the breath and pranic flow, the life-giving energy.

  5. Restorative asana sequence - a poetry of movement to revitialise the body, mind and soul.

  6. Together we will explore asana, pranayama, journaling,


  8. Add BONUS of FREE ebook outlining the devine Powers of Mudras given to participants of Relax....Release.....Restore.....Retreat.

    We will gather in my 'virtual studio', and all you'll need is your laptop or tablet, a comfy cushion, a strap or belt  and a blanket or two.

    Here is our supportive and flowing agenda for our Retreat:

    1. 3 OF THE YOGA M’S
    A. Meditation
    B. Mantras
    C. Mudras
    30 minute meditation linked to mindful mantras and mudras focusing on RELAXATION for preparation of release restorative sequence.

    A. Pranayama techniques and guidance preparation for asana sequence using Tribandhas (Harnessing the inner power of 3 x of Bandha Locks)
    B. Restorative yoga asana’s to open your energy channels & boost prana flow for mind, body and spirit.
    C. Savasana – removing tightness and tension by guiding and regrouping to share and outline the experience

  10. 3. YOGA NIDRA
    A. A combination meditation-and- yoga practice that takes you through four brain wave levels on a journey towards sleep. Guided sleep meditation for ultimate relaxation.
    B. Gentle returning you back to the physical world feeling incredibly relaxed, present and rejuvenated.

    It's going to be the time-out you've been craving!

Your investment in this important 'you-time' experience is just $45.

As well as joining me live for this gorgeous afternoon, at the completion of your Retreat I'll send you a recording so you can re-create a 'self-retreat' whenever you feel the need for some extra TLC.

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