Calm & Refresh Yoga Meditation Mist


Calming Yoga Meditation Mists are expertly blended to balance the vibrational frequency of the Third Eye and Crown chakras encouraging you to feel more Calm & Refreshed.

We only use the finest 100% pure and natural essential oils that include:
Ho Leaf

All products are freshly handcrafted in small batches and prepared on demand

Wherever possible our oils are Organic and our ethics remain our No.1 priority where by the
Environment is in no way harmed by the ingredients we use or buy and there is
no endangerment nor testing on animals.

From products sold we will be donating a portion of our profits to various animal charities throughout the year.

Aromatic Yogi Mists

Aromatic Yogi Mists can be used during meditation, yoga, energy healing or aura cleansing.


  • Anytime of the day: To create the perfect scent in a room, spritz the Aromatic Yogi Mist 10cm from fabrics; curtains, carpets and cushions. Breathe in through your nose and enjoy the Mists wonderful aromas.

  • Post Yoga Practice: Keep your yoga mat smelling great by spritzing the Aromatic Yogi Mist 10cm from your mat, let the mist settle then roll up your mat and keep it clean for the next time you practice.

  • Pre Meditation: Hold the bottle in your hands and feel the positive energy held within. Gently shake your bottle and set your intention. Before your Meditation practice spritz the mist around your aura with conscious, loving intent.Inhale deeply and enjoy the delicious theraputic aroma.

100% Natural - Vegan - HandCrafted


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