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Uplifting Yoga Mists


At AROMATIC YOGI we understand the importance of boosting energy naturally helping your mind and body stay uplifted throughout the day whether on and off the yoga mat. Which is why we have created our 100% Natural Uplifitng yoga meditation mist.


This Uplifting mist was expertly formulated using 5 specific essential oils (Rose Geranium, Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Lime) blended together in order to balance the energetic vibrational frequency of the solar, heart and throat chakras encouraging you to feel more Uplifted and Energised.


All products are freshly handcrafted in small batches and prepared on demand


  • 50ml
  • Amber glass bottle


See below for best ways to use the Relaxing Mist, wellbeing benefits, precautions, Ingredients we use and why.​

Aromatic Yogi Mists

Aromatic Yogi Mists can be used during meditation, yoga, energy healing or aura cleansing.


  • Anytime of the day: To create the perfect scent in a room, spritz the Aromatic Yogi Mist 10cm from fabrics; curtains, carpets and cushions. Breathe in through your nose and enjoy the Mists wonderful aromas.

  • Post Yoga Practice: Keep your yoga mat smelling great by spritzing the Aromatic Yogi Mist 10cm from your mat, let the mist settle then roll up your mat and keep it clean for the next time you practice.

  • Pre Meditation: Hold the bottle in your hands and feel the positive energy held within. Gently shake your bottle and set your intention. Before your Meditation practice spritz the mist around your aura with conscious, loving intent.Inhale deeply and enjoy the delicious theraputic aroma.

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