Mala Meditation Bracelets

MEDITATE on your desired intention and bring more of what YOU LOVE into your life.

Love & Peace

Strength & Courage

Health & Happiness

Our Aromatic Yogi MEDITATION BRACELETS have been thoughtfully designed to encouraging you to establish a regular meditation practice that will nurture your chosen intention and enable a long-lasting transformation.


For example, those looking to radiate and receive more LOVE and PEACE in their life would select a ROSE QUARTZ bracelet named love & Peace. 


Follow the instructions on how to meditation with the mala bracelet and then wear your Bracelet throughout the day as a little reminder of your set intention and hopefully, a much-needed reminder to stop, pause and take a breath when needed.  


An added bonus to further enhance your PHYSICAL, MENTAL and EMOTIONAL experience we have specifically designed all of our Bracelets with lava stones. Simply add a few drops of your much loved ESSENTIAL OIL to the stones and enjoy the lovely AROMA.

 With every Aromatic Meditation Bracelet purchased you will receive an AFFIRMATION CARD specifically related to your desired INTENTION. Use this card to practice your meditation or if you prefer you can recite your own AFFIRMATION or MANTRA.

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