Online Booking made easy

Our online booking page and mobile app is designed to make booking/cancelling/rescheduling your yoga classes simple and fast.


Booking page instructions to sign up for the first time

  • Click on the login button that's located at the top of this page










  • Select sign up - decide if you want to sign up using your name and email address, Facebook or google +











  • Congratulations you are now registered


Now you have registered

This will make it so easy for you to book more yoga classes, cancel classes and even reschedule classes within your own online account.

Now you can Log in:


Once you have signed up all you need to do now is log in 



When you are in your account you will see your name displayed. Simply click on your name and it will open up your account showing you class appointments you have already created and your personal info.

You can click the Book again button if you want to book in for future classes at that same day and time.

You can click on the little clock icon and that will allow you to reschedule your booking or you can click on the little trash can icon and that will allow you to cancel your class.

Your name will appear here

Book future classes for same day and time

Reschedule classes

Cancel classes

Booking your yoga classes on the go

Mobile App

Once you download our mobile app (through Wix) you will instantly become a member allowing you to chat with us, book yoga classes and see our posts all from your mobile phone.

Simply decide if you want the link sent to your email address or mobile phone.


Please note if you prefer your email address you will need to open the email link on your phone in order to download the app onto your phone.


Stay Connected


Phone: 07754828661

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We are also looking to expand our media content with regular blogs , podcasts, videos  even live sessions as a treat and something different to enjoy at the end of a long day or week.


we will look forward to connecting with you.


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