5 week course focusing on fundamentals of yoga


"Join this course to learn how to awaken your inner joy and bring health and harmony to your body, mind and soul"

Attending regular yoga classes can sometimes be daunting, so we have designed a course to put you at ease. 


Yoga is for everone! Join this course to learn how to awaken your inner joy and bring health and harmony to your body, mind and soul. You'll safely learn the foundation practices of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga by an experienced teacher to guide you through the practices of yoga. We believe yoga is for everyone and welcome absolute beginners!


What you will learn?


Learn to be healthy, resilient, peaceful and calm. 


This course provides a thorough introduction to yoga and includes the foundation poses and practices known to bring harmony and health to your body, mind and soul. This is suitable for yogis who would like to deepen their practice or absolute beginners. 


About this course:

  • Introduction to both traditional and modern appraoches to yoga!

  • Overview of Ashtanga yoga systems

  • How to practice yoga safely and appropriately

  • The mechanics and benefits of Ashtanga yoga

  • The foundation poses of Ashtanga yuoga and how to adapt them to suit

  • Calming and strengthening yoga poses (dynamic stretching/movement)

  • Basic yoga breathing methods

  • How to calm your mind and relax your body


What you will receive:

  1. Your 5 week course includes 1 x 60 mins initial private tuition session via video or face-to-face (if you live on the Gold Coast) consult

  2. 5 x weekly LIVE workshop group sessions (recorded if you miss them)

  3. 5 weeks access to 2 x beginners classes LIVE sessions (recorded if you miss them)


Course weekly timetable overview:

Week 1:private tuition 60 mins online or face-to-face consulation 

Prana - The spiritual background




Week 2:Yoga Foundations - Sun Salutations 

Week 3:Yoga Foundations - Standing sequence

Week 4: Yoga Foundations - Seated sequence

Week 5: Yoga Foundations - Finishing Sequence

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